curated networking


MoveFlux Matcher gives you software, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and related services. We bring these together to offer your networkers better matches. You will enjoy results from happier customers and higher profits.

for better networkers


Many of your networkers need help. Coaching can help and we make it simple. We offer targeted advice via our natural, human-like chat interface. More successful networkers mean better business for all.


    Based on Practical Analytics + Artificial Intelligence.


    Interacts with networkers on the fly. In real time.

  • Adaptable

    Our software learns and refines. Automatically.


    Our data customized with your information!

meet our CEO

Michael J. Critelli

Mike likes to use new ideas to empower himself and others. To realize their full potential. He has been a Fortune 500 CEO (Pitney Bowes) and a movie producer (From The Rough). Mike serves on the Board of Directors of Eaton Corporation. He holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

and our CTO


Rose knows software, how to build it, and how to understand it in human contexts. She has a diverse background in anthropology and music as well as technology. From places such as Princeton, UT Austin, and University of California at Berkeley. Rose holds a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.