MoveFlux gives you software, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and related services. Together, we apply these to give your networkers what they want.

Coach transforms folks into networking super heroes. But teaches them to hold onto the human touch. Because, business networking is inherently social. Humans like people who are real. And keep it real. Word!



Networking seems deceptively simple. Not so. Working an event requires knowledge of a complex process. From approaching someone -- Icebreakers. To knowing when to exit the conversation with grace. And leave another human being with a good feeling about you.

Coach delivers nuggets of data and case-driven wisdom over a chatbot. These chats are available over Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, and on your own website, too.

Coach uses dialogues that mimic human conversation. The dialogues are processed by customizing Google’s Natural Language Processing platform.

For example, Nancy met Steve at a conference. They both signed up for a customized Slack group for conference attendees. That night around 11:30 PM, Steve messaged Nancy over Slack with a heart shaped emoji.

Feeling uncomfortable about this, Nancy turned to her Coach Chat for advice. Drawing from its knowledge base on Inappropriate Behavior, Coach alerted Nancy that even at a Vegas conference, 11:30 PM is really late. And way past a normally accepted 6 or 6:30 PM business hour for a Slack message. In Chicago, Nancy’s home, 5:45 PM is the socially accepted cutoff time for business messages. Steve is from Silicon Valley, where the cutoff is more like 6:45 or 7PM.

Also, the heart shaped "love" emoji should be reserved for personal relationships and pets and really has no place in business messages.

Here Coach validated Nancy's feelings and provided options for her to take action, including reporting Steve's message to the conference organizer via her Coach Chat channel.

If Steve had used Coach's educational module on Conference Etiquette--perhaps in flight on his way to the conference--he would have known that his message to Nancy was inappropriate. Plus, Coach could have helped to make him aware of expectations and rules of the road for approaching women in business--so crucial especially in the current context of the Me Too Movement.

MoveFlux and Coach approach these issues in a gender-neutral, non-judgemental way. Coach provides tools, tips, and training and let’s you and your networkers decide what’s appropriate for your specific situations.